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Our Story…

ChocoMiró’s story is one of passion and dedication to an art. It all begins in 1982, when Chef Santiago Miró first discovers his passion for chocolate and pastries. He will spend the next 30 years perfecting his skill.
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Our Development

Over the next 3 decades, Chef Miró developped his skills, refining and perfection his recipes, and improving his chocolate-making methods. Through trial and error, and many hours of dedication to his trade, Chef Miró pursues his quest to perfection. Each one of his recipes will have seen 100s if not 1000s of iterations, each one refining the recipe to utter perfection.
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Where We Stand Today

Today, we are confident that this chocolate is made of the highest quality ingredients, coupled with the highest quality recipes on the market. Every single flavour will impress, leaving you wanting more.

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How we work



It all begins by sourcing the highest quality ingredients from ethical sources. We care deeply about the environment and the social impact of our consumption choices. This translates directly into our sourcing choices.



After getting the chocolate, we must melt it at the right temperature for the right crystallization process to occur.



Once the chocolate is at the right temperature, we begin to make the base moulds. These will serve as the outer chocolate layer in which we place the fillings.



The secret to all fine quality chocolates is in the filling. We have refined and perfected our recipes over the past 30 years.



After creating the fillings, placing them in the moulds, and waiting for the filling to sit, it is time to close the chocolate. We call this obturation.



Each one of our moulds is tested for consistency, to ensure the product is fresh and truly represents the refined chocolates of Choco Miró. We safekeep them in fridges specifically created for chocolate, to ensure they keep their utmost freshness until you try them.

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